Institute Overview

The Cascade Institute's core mission is to prepare governments, businesses, civil society groups, and frontline actors to face emerging risks—and help them take actions that will trigger a fundamental, rapid, and positive shift in humanity’s trajectory towards fair and sustainable prosperity. The Institute provides these front-line leaders with a better understanding of the problem landscape and develop the most promising possibilities for high-impact interventions.

The Institute’s work is conducted by outstanding complex-systems scientists, including experts in rapid (nonlinear) changes to social and cultural systems. Working in small and nimble teams, they produce applied, actionable knowledge at speed. The activities of the Institute are evenly split into two mutually reinforcing streams:

The Institute is located at Royal Roads University in British Columbia, an established academic leader in training professionals to apply creative solutions to entrenched problems. It acts as a network hub and catalyst among scientifically aligned research entities around the world, helping to draw together, focus, and amplify their expertise.

Non-Partisan Orientation

The Cascade Institute is non-partisan and ideologically non-aligned. It promotes fair and sustainable prosperity for all humanity, understood according to the criteria and norms set forth in the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The Institute engages in both pure and applied research, and its staff and researchers are exclusively responsible for deciding the scope and foci of this research. The Institute’s applied research—including training of practitioners in intervention strategies and field observation of intervention results—is targeted to further specific SDGs.