Position Summary:
The Director will build and lead the Cascade Institute Geothermal Energy Office (CI-GEO) in Ottawa to accelerate the development of ultradeep geothermal in Canada and around the world. Specifically, CI-GEO will help develop and coordinate an ultradeep geothermal “innovation ecosystem” in Canada, which will centre around a network of experimental drilling sites.

The Director is a world-class connector, project manager, and problem-solver with experience in Ottawa and Alberta, expertise in energy and innovation policy, and a passion for pursuing bold and audacious solutions to humanity’s climate and energy challenges.

Primary Position Outcomes:

The Director will work with stakeholders in industry, government, and the communities impacted by geothermal R&D and pilot projects to:

  • Design an institution that will accelerate ultradeep geothermal innovation, while maximizing social benefits;
  • Coordinate a coalition capable of building this institution and executing its mandate;
  • Develop and execute strategies for attracting and de-risking early-stage investment;
  • Develop and execute strategies for using IP to encourage transparency and cooperative behaviour from technology companies and other actors;
  • Guide new projects through the regulatory and IP environment;
  • Develop more supportive regulatory infrastructure for geothermal R&D; and
  • Work closely with Cascade Institute researchers to guide analysis on ultradeep geothermal and amplify findings and recommendations.

Required Qualifications:

  • Expertise on Canadian climate and/or energy policy and regulation
  • Expertise on Canadian green innovation policy and regulation
  • Experience within the federal government or experience working with senior policymakers within the federal government
  • Experience within the Canadian energy sector or experience working with senior decisionmakers within the Canadian energy sector
  • Experience coordinating complex networks with stakeholders from industry, governments (Federal, Indigenous, Provincial/Territorial, Municipal), and civil society
  • Experience leading collaborative/team projects
  • Experience leading complex, interdisciplinary projects
  • Experience managing project timelines, deliverables, and budgets
  • Experience managing funder relationships and relationships with project collaborators
  • Experience tracking project evaluation metrics and meeting project reporting requirements
  • Demonstrated ability to write with exceptional analytical clarity
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively tailor outputs for different stakeholders
  • Experience communicating research/analysis findings to different stakeholders

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Expertise on geothermal energy systems
  • Expertise on the Canadian geothermal energy sector
  • Expertise on intellectual property law
  • Working competency in French

Remuneration will be by contract, at a rate commensurate with qualifications, but within the federal public service’s EX3 and EX4 bands.

To apply, send your CV to Scott Janzwood at [email protected].