The Roubini Cascade: Are we heading for a Greater Depression?

Brief #7

Version Number: 1.1

December 4, 2020

Michael Lawrence and Thomas Homer-Dixon

This Brief develops a system map of Nouriel Roubini’s argument that the world is heading into a Greater Depression. It uses this visualization to highlight crucial features of his prediction.

Click the Roubini Cascade Map link below to access an interactive map of the key arguments and diagrams of the Brief:

See Roubini Cascade Map

1 thought on “The Roubini Cascade: Are we heading for a Greater Depression?”

  1. I agree that we are headed into a depression. Actually we are already in one. And I agree that our hope is that disasters can lead to remarkable human creativity. But changing our behavour depends on changing the way we think. The problem with Roubini is that he has a two dimensional mechanistic view of the economy. Your systems models have the same two-dimensional problems. He does not deal with worldviews, institutions, or technology. Instead of worldviews he talks about sentiments and backlash. He ignores the institutions that control the economy. The huge elephant in the room is the actual driver of inequality and economic growth, the capitalist corporation and the free market. These all require holistic systems modelling. If you are interested in a holistic systems approach, you can read my paper on Holistic Systems. If you want to read a holistic analysis of our current environmental dilemma then you can read my book Green Rising: An Alternative Future. It is available for free download at

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