The Permafrost Carbon Feedback Project aims to raise awareness of the climate threat posed by the Permafrost Carbon Feedback (PCF) and build the political will and incentives to develop technologies and strategies to slow the rate of permafrost thaw.

The project advances and coordinates research on permafrost carbon emissions; convenes Indigenous community leaders, non-governmental organizations, academics, industry, and government to make best use of this research; and strengthens public awareness, understanding, and support for pressing policy goals and actions.

Permafrost Carbon

Working in collaboration with the Woodwell Climate Research Center and the Arctic Initiative at the Harvard Kennedy School, the project has three core components:

  1. advancing and collating research through two accessible reports to inform new strategies and
    policies on mitigation interventions and the links between permafrost thaw and boreal wildfires;
  2. convening a three-part Dialogue series and a multi-level outreach program; and
  3. collaborating on a federal funding proposal to integrate new permafrost data into a
    world-leading Earth System Model.

The Permafrost Carbon Feedback Project is endorsed by the Canadian Permafrost Association (CPA).